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Merlot is often, mistakenly, taken for a light, inoffensive, wine.
The story goes that a motorist, returning home one evening from a
dinner with business colleagues, was pulled over and breathalysed
by the police. After taking the reading, the young constable said:
"I'm sorry sir, but your reading is .07 - I'm going to have to book
you." The motorist replied: "There must be some mistake, I was
only drinking Merlot." The motorist was not drinking Peerick Merlot.
We aim to make a wine that is substantial in flavour and weight,
while at the same retaining the elegance of the variety.

Peerick Merlot is matured in only the best small oak barrels. Usually,
about 40% of the maturation volume is assigned to new oak, of
which about two-thirds is French oak and the balance is the highest
quality American.