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Having pioneered Viognier in the Pyrenees, there seemed no good
reason why Peerick should not take the next logical step and pair
this exciting variety with its established Shiraz. This combination
is like no other: it is not a blend, but a co-fermentation. In other
words, we do not make a Shiraz and a Viognier and then blend
the finished wine together according to precise tastings in the lab.
We throw in about 5-8% of Viognier fruit with the Shiraz at the
crusher - and hope for the best! The result is a wine which has the
depth and moodiness of Shiraz with a front-end driven by the lively
fresh fruit and perfume notes of the small amount of Viognier
involved. A wine which is more intoxicating in the heart than
in the liver. If you haven't drunk Shiraz Viognier, you haven't lived.